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Friday, August 9, 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Well, we are officially home from Chicago, & attempting to get back to the real world. Which seems a little harder than normal this time around.
Here's where I overload you with a ton of pictures.
I'm pretty sure I blew up my social media while I was there. However, I can't say I regret it one bit. ;)

I can't help but a leave a little piece of my heart there everytime I have to leave.
Giving everything up just to move up there is so tempting sometimes.
Why do I have to be a responsible adult again??

I'm pretty sure we ate a ridiculous amount of stuffed pizza. I did not mind one bit, though! Can you blame me?! :)

I'd also just like to say that we had the best little hotel experience at Club Quarters.. Such a nice staff (Roman took extra special care of us), beautiful view, & the perfect location for us.

This was our first music festival & I loved every single minute of it.

There were SO MANY PEOPLE. It was a little overwhelming at times.

It was definitely a sight to see thousands of people spilling out into the streets every night full of adrenaline & excitement.

We learned so many helpful tips for the future while we were there..
Like, try not to use the portipotties unless absolutely necessary (being a girl is not so easy in this case), & have a meeting spot when you split up because there is barely any cell service.

We saw some great bands: Atlas Genius, Band of Horses, The Killers, The National, Alt-J, The Cure, Pheonix, Vampire Weekend, Queens of the Stone Age, Knife Party.. & I finally got to see Mumford & Sons, you guys!! :) They lived up to everything I hoped they would be.

There were so many moments I would think to myself "I wish I could freeze this moment."
My heart felt so completely full being with some of my very favorite people in my very favorite place.
I am one blessed little girl.

Can't wait to attend again. Maybe even next year?! ;)

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